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Pretrial Assistance

If you are preparing for trial in your case, National Legal Professional Associates can provide assistance in the form of a variety of US pretrial services. We have an extensive background in a wide range of cases whether drugs, fraud, conspiracies, etc., and can assist with trial preparation in all state and federal cases.

We offer two types of legal consulting services for pretrial assistance – our Pretrial Information Program (PIP) and our Full Pretrial Assistance program.

Pretrial Information Program (PIP)

If you want to have access to information concerning the criminal defense process as well as the latest developments in the case, this level of assistance may be exactly what you need. Judge in thought this level of service is designed to assist in obtaining information that otherwise may not readily be available to you. When you subscribe to the Pretrial Information Program service NLPA can assist you in gathering information from court records as well as help access important articles about the criminal defense process and provide this information to you.
By subscribing to NLPA’s Pretrial Information Program (PIP), you would receive information concerning critical topics such as:

  • When possible NLPA will provide you and your family with information concerning the status of the case as reflected by court records and your docket sheet. This will include following up with the court to provide you with information about what pre-trial motions have been filed, responses filed by the government, and the status of the case in general.
  • Obtaining important information about how to deal with being in prison.
  • We can assist in locating witnesses that you want to call in your defense.
  • We can assist in referring you to experts to testify on your behalf on key issues such as DNA, fingerprint analysis, ballistic analysis, drug weight and purity, etc.
  • We can assist in securing information about prior convictions that might be used against you.
  • Periodic docket sheet updates from the court as to activities taking place in your case.

Information about the criminal defense process that will include articles written by experienced defense attorneys that may otherwise not be easily obtainable. These articles will include information about: how to select the best attorney, bail/bond programs, pretrial hearings, procedures of the court, pretrial motions, plea negotiations, polygraph exams, eyewitness testimony, defense strategies, information concerning how the grand jury operates, and a number of other topics that are sure to be encountered during the pretrial stage of your case. In addition, you can also have access to topics like the use of eyewitness testimony for the defense, the use of polygraph examinations to clear a defendant, if the police legally lie to prosecute you, and much more.

Once you have hired NLPA for the Pretrial Information Program (PIP), if your attorney is willing to have NLPA’s assistance in preparing the actual defense of your case and once we have a bona fide confirmation from your counsel that he is willing to receive our assistance, we will be able to then provide NLPA’s Full Pre-trial Services.

Full Pre-Trial Assistance

As explained above, should your attorney be willing to have our lawyers assist him/her in the actual research and preparation of pre-trial motions as well as work with him on the strategy to pursue in your defense, NLPA is happy to provide this additional service. Should your attorney be willing to have our researchers work with him in your defense, NLPA would be happy to work with counsel in assisting you with preparing for trial of your case. We realize that you need immediate relief of some form and that if you decide to hire NLPA to assist your counsel, you would want us to assist your attorney in disposing of the charges which you are facing in the quickest possible fashion while incurring the least possible cost to yourself and while also receiving maximum legal protection. In this situation, you need a defense team that understands and appreciates not only the court system, but the prison and probation systems as well. In the event you decide to hire NLPA to assist you and your counsel at this stage of your case, we would assist in providing many services.

Though some may not be applicable to you, the types of services we generally can provide under the direction of your counsel are:

  • Assist counsel with preparing for initial hearings following arrest/custody pending bail.
  • Assist counsel in your efforts to obtain release on bail.
  • Assist counsel with preparations for arraignment.
  • Assist counsel in the research and preparation of pre-trial and discovery motions. This is an extremely critical area of your case in that the pre-trial motions are the way in which your attorney can gain information from the government that it intends to use against you in the prosecution that is currently pending.

Some examples of such potential pre-trial motions which we can assist your counsel in preparing are:

  • Motions for production of information favorable to the defense.
  • Motion for disclosure of agreements between the government and the government witnesses that might be used against you.
  • Motions for production and discovery of evidence.
  • Motion for separate hearing to determine the existence of a conspiracy.
  • Motion for severance so that if your case involves other co-defendants, your counsel can seek to have your trial be held separately from the other co-defendants.
  • Motion to require the government to reveal any agreement, concession or grant of immunity that it may have given to anyone who may be providing information against you.
  • Motions for suppression of evidence improperly obtained against you.
  • Motion for discovery of electronic or other surveillance.
  • Assist counsel in obtaining information from grand jury proceedings.
  • Assist counsel with respect to research for preparation of trial strategy.
  • Assist counsel with respect to researching jury selection procedures in order to assist in obtaining a fair trial.
  • If necessary, assist counsel in plea bargain negotiations.

Cases our Researchers have Assisted Counsel

If you’re preparing for trial in a criminal case, the last thing you need on your plate is the added stress paying for your legal team. National Legal Professional Associates also offers competitive pricing for our pretrial services as well as a number of different financing options and payment plans.

The bottom line is that whether your trial will be held in state or federal court and no matter what you are charged with – if you need legal counsel services for pretrial assistance, NLPA is here to help.


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