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Post Conviction Relief and Sentence Reduction
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Case Evaluation

NLPA Case Analysis Service Helps Analyze Your Case

NLPA can assist in the preparation of a case evaluation for your counsel that will outline the issues that could be raised in post-conviction motions to help in pursuing post-conviction relief.

NLPA can also then assist your counsel in the preparation of any post-conviction relief. If NLPA is retained to assist your counsel with post-conviction relief within sixty (60) days of the completion of the case evaluation research, the entire case evaluation fee will be applied as a credit toward the next service.

The case evaluation would include: personalized case research concerning the issues that apply as well as a factual statement of the case, an evaluation of the sentencing guidelines, a summary of procedural sentencing defects, possible ineffective assistance of counsel and a complete review of the entire transcript of the legal proceedings.

The case evaluation would address not only court action available in attempting to reduce time or overturn the conviction, but would also address alternative remedies that may be available, such as: Expunging/Sealing/Overturning prior convictions, Pardon/Clemency applications, New Rules of Evidence that may be available for out of time situations, etc.

If you do not currently have counsel in place for a case evaluation, NLPA can provide a list of attorneys from whom you can chose for representation. The list of attorneys NLPA will provide is from attorneys NLPA has assisted over the years. Most of these attorneys will reduce their regular fees if NLPA will be providing assistance to them.


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