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How Is NLPA Doing? Check Out The Following Testimonials “From The Trenches”

NLPA has earned a reputation for helping its clients obtain successful outcomes. While no one can guarantee success in every case, we have one of the best track records in the country in helping attorneys and their clients. Take a look at what some of our clients have to say about us:

After 3 years of service from NLPA I have to say thanks for everything. You have been with me all the way with your continual status updates as well as helpful printouts of case law and other research information. Literally, without your services I would have been blind to many issues in the system. One of the very best expenditures we ever made was to retain NLPA because the cost was insignificant in comparison to the continued support over the past three horrible years! Thank you all!

M. Cooper, KS

My case manager never failed to impress me with her knowledge and dedication to my case. She is a great asset to your organization. The staff attorney also did a great job – my post- conviction brief was very well written and thorough. I know that I received my monies worth and then some! I just want to thank everyone there for their hard work and determination to see justice upheld in my case.

E. Rife, SC

Thank you again. If there is anything that I or We can do for your legal team in the future to come for any reference, please know that you guys have our up-most support!

L. Booker, OH

I am writing you to thank you for your service. I feel that NLPA did all they could by reviewing my case. I as well as my family would like to thank you and NLPA again for the time and effort.

D. Perry, MO

First, I would like to thank you for assisting me with being transferred from New Hampshire so that I could be closer to my Beloved Mother who passed away shortly after. NLPA gave me the opportunity to be near my Mother during a very critical time and I could never thank you as well as your staff enough.

M. Devaughn, MD

I write this letter to you, at this point and time, simply for the reason that I wanted to express my appreciation for you swiftly taking care of business for me. Truly there should be more lovely people like you in the world. Thank you for being the people that you are!

T. James, WI

I just want to thank you. I know that your firm has many clients, but you always respond and still with the reports for court. Thank you very much.

D. Fulton, FL

I want to thank you for the memorandums and literature you send me. NLPA helps me gain interest and confidence with my case.

S. Davina, KS

I want to first thank you and your staff for all the assistance and support throughout my case. Your firm is indeed a great help and support to the many which do not have the necessary backing during legal issues that can ruin the future of families. I thank God every day for blessing me with contact information of your firm and I would like you to know that I will be forwarding your firm’s information to many inmates, friends and family members. Once again, thank you for all your help and assistance and may God bless you.

S. Bolden, FL

I have received my evaluation. Thank you all for your hard and good work so far.

J. Miller, TN

Thank you for understanding my frustration with the proceedings in my case. I really appreciate your efforts at keeping me informed in the latest developments in my case and I also understand that sometimes everything is in standby but, you still find time to send me research information to keep me at point. I really believe that I have been blessed with a great opportunity. God bless you and your loved ones!

E. Ramos, LA

The work that you and your associates are doing with respect to my case is exceptional and i would just like to take this opportunity to make that known and to thank you all for the great job you all are doing.

R. Paniagua, NJ

I am writing to inform you that I sincerely appreciate the evaluation of my case that your office conducted concerning my writ of habeas corpus pursuant to VA. Code…I was unable to retain Mr. English, Attorney at Law due to financial reasons. However, I did personally rewrite the writ of habeas corpus with the case evaluation that I received from you. With that being said, I am honored to inform you that the Virginia Supreme Court has accepted my writ of habeas corpus and I have received a court date with the Supreme Court. Though I still have not been able to retain an attorney due to financial reasons, I am honored to have received your help that lead to this forthcoming day with the Supreme Court. Thank you all and may God bless you.

J. Pride, VA

It has been a great opportunity to have you all assist me and my family through our struggles. Therefore, I would like to take this moment to just say thanks!

T. Johnson, SC

I wanted to write you and your staff to say thank you for all of the hard work that you all have put into my case. It has been like you all are heaven sent so thank you and please keep up the good work. I also tell everyone I come in contact with about your services….I wish I could have found out about NLPA sooner. I think I would be a lot better off by now. That is why I tell so many people about NLPA…I myself have spent a lot of money that didn’t do me any good at all until I hired NLPA. So thanks again!

D. Lucas, TN

In 2006 my family and I sought your assistance in hopes that I could obtain relief…I benefited greatly from the NLPA, not only by the case evaluation but also by finding out that I will need newly discovered evidence, possibly from my lawyer to tie in the affidavit of my co-defendant. Now I have just received an affidavit from my lawyer stating that he was unable to interview my co-defendants due to counsel.

F. Lucas, VA

I am writing in response to the draft sentencing memorandum. First, I must say that I am well pleased with the draft as it currently reads; and I’m very grateful for having procured the wealth of knowledge and experience of the NLPA staff. Without you and the rest of the team, my life would be a “living hell”. However, after having seen some of your work – for me my hope has been renewed. The thing that comes to mind: “had I known about the NLPA from the very beginning of this ordeal I truly do not believe that there would still be a case against me right now…You have proven through your work’s that the NLPA will diligently fight in my behalf and also that you stand by your Mission. You’ve earned yourself a life-time member in me and I will continue to spread the wonderful news of hope for people in similar situations like myself – through the use of NLPA’s services. In closing, on behalf of myself and family, we thank you NLPA the depth of our hearts! P.S. – The NLPA is truly an “egalitarian” in our society!

S. Mitchell, IN

Thank you so much for all that you do and are doing for…our son. We the family would like to say that we appreciate everything that you are doing to help us in his appeal process. Again, thank you so very much. Your kindness is a blessing.

A. Matthews, IL

I must advise you that I was pleasantly surprised by the high quality of the work and promptness in which it was accomplished…after reviewing you work, I would like to advise you that I am totally pleased with the quality of it and would like to continue using your services in this cases and others.

Frank Rubino, Esq., Miami, FL

NLPA has provided invaluable service to me in several of my Federal cases. Without NLPA’s assistance, justice in these cases would simply not have been served.

Russell Allen, Esq., Richmond, VA

NLPA has always been professional, prompt and responsible in submitting its material to me. I have been very pleased with the work NLPA has done for me and that work has both saved me a great deal of time and my clients a great deal of money.

Clifford Bernard, Esq., Boulder, CO

The attorneys at NLPA have been nothing less than great in their research efforts to bring to my attention and keep me abreast of the most recent legal decisions that can assist my clients.

Robert R. Elsey, Esq., Grosse Point Park, MI

NLPA’s assistance has allowed me to assist my clients in a way that I could not have done alone. If it were not for the services NLPA provides, I would have had to decline representation in many cases where strong, meritorious arguments in favor of a defendant existed.

Jeff Brandt, Esq., Covington, KY

I have used NLPA in numerous cases to aid me in representing clients. They have always done an excellent job in researching legal issues and helping me write memorandums, motions and petitions.

James L. Eisenberg, Esq., West Palm Beach, FL

The assistance that NLPA has rendered cut my research time in half. The cases they researched were directly on point and their analysis was focused and sophisticated.

Leonard J. Levenson, Esq., New York, NY

I have been very pleased with the assistance that I have received. NLPA is always professional, courteous, and prompt. I have been impressed by their thoroughness, applicability and clientele.

George W. Gilmore, Esq., Sikeston, MO

I regard NLPA as a valuable aid to the pursuance of justice for my clients.

Carl L. Epstein, Esq., Indianapolis, IN

The end result of my collaboration with NLPA was a reduction in the loss amount (in his PSI) of over ten million dollars. I was pleased with the research role played by NLPA.

Robert A. Griffith, Esq., Boston, MA

The research that has been provided to me by NLPA is exceptional.

Burrell D. Johnson, Esq., Austin, TX

Your research and writing was very good, extremely helpful and on point.

Lori L. Voepel, Esq., Phoenix, AZ

NLPA is a valuable research tool for me and the clients I represent.

J. Christopher Klotz, Esq., Jackson, MS

NLPA is almost like having a personal law clerk that can be contacted only as needed. It provides outstanding research assistance to members of the bar and their clients.

C.W. Knauts, Esq., Piggott, AR

Many of my successes are a result of the invaluable assistance provided to me.

James C. Belt, Esq., Dallas, TX

NLPA has been a source of tremendous support to me and my clientele. NLPA has been prompt, precise and professional with regard to each and every project I have assigned to them.

Alvin Matthews, Esq., Fayetteville, NC

I have found that utilization of the substantial research capabilities of NLPA by me is in the best interest of my clients.

Vincent Oliver, Esq., Los Angeles, CA

NLPA’s research has always been extensive and thorough, and NLPA has always responded to my inquiries in a professional manner. Their assistance to me has been invaluable.

W. Douglas Parsons, Esq., Clinton, NC

The quality of the work performed by NLPA and its staff is excellent. The work they have performed for me has always been on a high level and directed. I strongly consider NLPA another “tool” in effectively representing my clients.

Ronald Phelps, Esq. Kingfisher, OK

Since 1986, I have employed the research services of NLPA on numerous occasions and have found their work product to be almost without exception of the highest quality.

Philip E. Pitzer, Esq., Cincinnati, OH

Your organization is a dream come true for many solo practitioners like myself because our offices are not equipped or have the resources readily available to obtain all of the up-to- date legal research which NLPA provides. NLPA’s staff is a pleasure to work with.

Evelyn Graham Rodriguez, Esq. Houston, TX

Over the years, NLPA has been of great assistance to me and my currentness.

Melisa W. Gay, Esq., Mt. Pleasant, SC

I have never been disappointed with NLPA’s services. Their work has always been of superior quality and has helped me obtain good results for my clients.

Joe Torres, Esq., Naples, FL

I was thoroughly impressed with the research done by NLPA and I would recommend your services to any of my friends who need research assistance.

Donald L. Boudreaux, Esq., Beaumont, TX

The research assistance rendered by NLPA has cut my research time by more than half. This makes the assistance of NLPA invaluable to us.

Raymond R. Burkett, Esq., Detroit, MI

I have been very impressed with NLPA’s professionalism and their work product.

James Gentile, Esq., Youngstown, OH

Many of the successes I have had on behalf of my clients has been a result of the invaluable assistance provided to me by NLPA.

Keith Golden, Esq., Columbus, OH

In NLPA, I find an experienced organization with a proven track record and the resources and facilities to provide the assistance I need at a price my client can afford. I intend to continue using your valuable assistance.

Daniel K. Read, Esq., Abington, VA

I have found that utilization of the substantial research capabilities of NLPA by me is in the best interests of my client who are facing the vast resources of the Federal Government.

Vincent James Oliver, Esq., Los Angeles, CA

The assistance which NLPA provides me has been invaluable. Their research was directly on point, and the issues were well-drafted and defined. I have found that NLPA often comes up with a different approach that I had not thought of as I prepared my own research.

W. Douglas Parsons, Esq., Clinton, NC

The quality of work performed by NLPA and its staff is excellent. The work they have performed for me has always been on a high level. I strongly consider NLPA another “tool” in effectively representing my clients and allowing our system of jurisprudence to be as it professes, ” Just.”

Ronald Phelps, Esq. Kingfisher, OK

I have never been disappointed in NLPA’s research services. Their work has always been of superior quality and has helped me obtain good results for my clients.

Joseph Torres, Esq., Naples, FL

Many attorneys with small offices do not have a full staff and cannot meet filing deadlines without the help of NLPA. NLPA helps me perform my duties with due diligence.

Evelyn Graham Rodriguez, Esq., Houston, TX

The research that has been prepared by NLPA has proven to be invaluable in that I have been able to request certain issues to be researched which has been prepared by NLPA within a reasonable time with great efficiency, professionalism and at a cost that has saved me an enormous amount of time and has allowed me to be of greater service to my clients.

Nathaniel Roberson, Esq., Columbia, S.C.

Because I have a limited staff at my office, I utilize the services of NLPA to provide me with research on complex issues. I have found their assistance to be invaluable.

Kyle Rude, Esq., Williamsport, PA

The research NLPA has provided me was well thought out and extensive. I can well imagine where a small practitioner would greatly benefit from the support services offered by NLPA.

Frank Zaremba, Esq., Bradenton, FL

I must compliment your organization on your research and writing abilities. You have, on many cases, turned up many unforeseen issues, which were extremely valid and of such merit as to deserve presentation to the Court.

James Zimmer, Esq., Flint, MI

I received your research and draft brief and must admit it is excellent. I expect to use most, if not all, of the information. The writing is excellent and the arguments are well made…I am considering using your service for another up coming brief as a result.

Tracy Weese, Esq., Shepardstown, WV

I felt like your brief was very concise and to the point…I felt that your research department did an excellent job and I know that you were besieged with numerous cases cited, but not necessarily read or studied by Mr. Z… I especially liked your handling of the jurisdiction matter…. You have been wonderful to work with and I appreciate all of your hard work in this matter.

Sid Hughes, Esq., Birmingham, AL

Mr. Robertson, I thank GOD for your assistance for my son. We feel that my son’s trial from the beginning has been unfair and that he has been wrongfully acused. If anyone can help my son get justice, I believe it is you and your team at NLPA.

M. Williams, Chicago, IL.

So good to speak to you today.  I do not have adequate words to express my sincere appreciation for your involvement in Dustin’s situation.  I certainly do not condone his acts but am hopeful that ya’ll can turn this around and he will  have an opportunity for a productive life.  He graduated from college with honors, so I’m praying he will use his skills to pursue a respectable career and certainly remove himself from this destructive drug culture destroying our society.

Willie Frazier


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Founded in 1986, National Legal Professional Associates has flourished upon the belief that individuals challenged by the judicial process deserved the highest quality legal representation.
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