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Post Conviction Relief and Sentence Reduction
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Founded in 1986, National Legal Professional Associates has flourished upon the belief that individuals challenged by the judicial process deserved the highest quality legal representation. NLPA, an organization owned by lawyers for the benefit of all lawyers and their clients is a technical consulting firm dedicated to the professional objective of providing the best federal pretrial services, criminal sentencing consulting, appeal assistance, pursuing reductions in sentences, overturning convictions, immigration legal research, case analysis work and related services.

NLPA provides technical legal consulting assistance to licensed counsel with respect to any pre-indictment, pre-trial, pre-sentencing or post-conviction matters which involve the filing of pleadings in court, such as pre-trial motions, motions to dismiss indictments, motions to correct Pre-sentence Investigation Reports, appeals, motions for modification of sentence, habeas corpus matters, etc.

For the past quarter of a century the team at National Legal Professional Associates has enjoyed one of the best successful winning track records in the country. If you would like to review in more detail any of the cases in which we have helped our clients and their counsel be successful, please visit our research results. When you are facing the awesome power of the government, it is important to have all of the help available and to leave no stone unturned!

Our team has been assisting defendants through their lawyers in the defense of criminal cases for more than 25 years. The expertise we bring to the table helps offset the significant amount of power the government has. The researchers NLPA uses are licensed to practice before many local, state, and federal courts.

National Legal Professional Associates provides excellent support in criminal and civil legal research, federal pretrial services, appellate review, and strategic audit and case analysis in both State and Federal jurisdictions. NLPA has among its network, former government agents, expert witnesses, jury selection advisors, former DEA and Secret Service agents, and experienced criminal defense attorneys to offer each client the highest level of service.

NLPA can assist your counsel with matters ranging from:

US Pretrial Services

  • Pretrial Legal Assistance
  • Pretrial Legal Research & Motion Preparation
  • Pretrial Legal Consulting & Analysis
  • Expert Referrals


  • Legal Appeal Assistance
  • Legal Appeal Research & Brief Preparation
  • Appeal Legal Consulting

Post Conviction

  • Post Conviction Assistance
  • Post Conviction Research & Preparation
  • Post Conviction Legal Consulting
  • Legal Case Analysis & Reports

Criminal Cases

  • Complex Criminal Case Legal Research
  • Criminal Case Evaluation
  • Criminal Case Research & Pleadings

Civil Cases

  • Complex Case Legal Research & Pleading Preparations
  • Civil Case Evaluation

Federal Drug Cases

  • Federal Drug Case Research & Pleading Preparations
  • Federal Drug Conspiracy Defenses
  • Crack Cocaine Defenses
  • MDMA / Methamphetamine Cases
  • Possession Controlled Substances Cases
  • Heroin Court Cases
  • Cocaine Court Cases
  • Marijuana Court Cases


  • Criminal Sentencing Guidelines
  • Sentencing Research
  • Sentencing Memorandum Preparation
  • Objections to Pre-Sentence Investigation Reports
  • Long Prison and Jail Sentence Reduction Research
  • Institutional Designation

Immigration Law

  • Immigration Legal Case Review & Research
  • Immigration Court Cases
  • Deportation Defenses
  • International Treaty Transfer Requests

General Legal

  • General Legal Research for Attorneys
  • General Civil Law Division Research
  • Inmate Prison Transfers
  • Residential Drug Abuse Program
  • Work Release / Halfway House / CTC Placement
  • Interstate Compact Transfer Requests
  • Prisoner Medical Treatment Matters
  • Medical Furloughs
  • Clemency Petitions / Pardons
  • Parole Memoranda
  • Transfer of Parole / Probation
  • Reduction of Restitution
  • Reduction of Supervised Release / Probation

As a reputable and established legal consulting firm, National Legal Professional Associates is able to offer in-depth analysis and support without the compounding fees. Our nationwide services utilize copious years of experience to offer niche services, bringing balance to the adversarial process; a necessity under our constitutional guarantees. Utilizing our years of experience we fulfill the needs and goals of our clients by offering proficiency with drafting skills, database research, Federal Sentencing Guidelines, State and Federal drug offenses and white-collar crimes.

Whether working within a large law firm, maintaining a solo practice or are just short-staffed at the moment, NLPA can assist in relieving your workload by assisting with pressing deadlines, case review, and legal research. This is all accessible while complimenting our client’s own expertise and input. As professionals in the areas of administrative remedies, prison transfers, deportation matters and civil litigation, National Legal Professional Associates will offer each client qualified support in a timely manner at minimal expense.

For more information about our services and how we can assist with your case, contact National Legal Professional Associates today!


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Founded in 1986, National Legal Professional Associates has flourished upon the belief that individuals challenged by the judicial process deserved the highest quality legal representation.
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