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Plea Negotiations

NLPA Provides Many Services Related To Plea Negotiations

Plea negotiations often times can be used to help minimize a defendant's exposure in the case. If you know you're not 100% innocent of a crime and are facing a severely lengthy sentence should you proceed to trial, a plea may help to qualify you for a lower base guideline range. If you're not sure whether plea negotiations or trial are the way to go, NLPA is happy to work with counsel to review those options as well as what you're up against to determine which avenue may be most appropriate in your case.

Our research staff has more than 75 years of combined experience in state and federal jurisdictions nationwide to add to your defense team. NLPA has been assisting defense counsel in plea negotiations and sentencing since its founding in 1986.

There is a common misconception that when entering a plea you will receive that sentence and there is nothing else that can be done. However, keep in mind that there are still many other factors that play a role what the court will ultimately impose as the sentence. For federal and many state defendants the government will prepare a Pre-sentence Investigation Report (PSI) or Sentencing Computation Report that will outline additional factors that may enhance the guideline range listed in a defendant's plea agreement. If left unchallenged and should no other mitigating factors be raised, this could open the doors to an even lengthier sentence than a defendant originally bargained for.

In addition to assisting counsel in plea negotiations of a case, NLPA also can provide assistance in preparing for the subsequent sentencing hearing as well as preparing objections to the Pre-sentence Investigation Report (PSI) that will be prepared by the Probation Office prior to sentencing. Our researchers will review the hundreds of downward departures, mitigating factors and alternative sentencing programs that can also be used by the court to impose a sentence below what the prosecutor is requesting.

NLPA is a BBB Accredited Business committed to providing excellent service. You can rest easy when you have NLPA on your team in knowing that you have an experienced group of attorneys and professionals working for your best interest.

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