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Post Conviction Relief and Sentence Reduction
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Never Closed

At NLPA Your Loved One's Case Is Never Closed

At NLPA your loved one's case is never closed. While many defendants believe that just because they enter a plea, they are doomed to receiving that much time and there is nothing that can be done, that is not the case in most situations. Even if they have been sentenced and filed their appeal(s) and post-conviction motion(s) there still may be grounds to pursue to obtain relief in the case.

If you have entered a plea but have not yet been sentenced, NLPA can help your counsel look into options to help the court in imposing the lowest sentence possible.

If you have been sentenced and are not sure how to proceed from here, NLPA can help your counsel in preparing a thoroughly researched appeal or post-conviction motion to reduce your sentence or, if applicable, overturn the conviction.

If you have been through the criminal appeal / post-conviction stage already but were unable to obtain relief, NLPA can help prepare a case analysis to look into what options exist in your case to help get the case back into court to pursue relief.

NLPA's researchers can look into all options that may still exist and which is the best to pursue in your case. When you hire NLPA you can rely on our more than 25 years of experience in helping attorneys and their clients pursue justice. We have one of the best track records in the country in obtaining successful outcomes for our clients. Contact NLPA today to get more information about how we can help in your situation!


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Founded in 1986, National Legal Professional Associates has flourished upon the belief that individuals challenged by the judicial process deserved the highest quality legal representation.
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