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Financing Options at NLPA

Being one of the best legal research companies in the industry, NLPA offers financing to its clients to better suit their financial needs and help to find the justice they deserve. If you are looking to retain NLPA to assist your attorney with your case, there are various ways in which you can pay for our assistance in your online legal research.

  1. Payment of Fee in Full – Payment must be made by certified check, cashier’s check, money order, or bank wire transfer/Western Union. To obtain information about wire transfer or Western Union, please contact our office for the information you will need to do so.
  2. Credit Card – NLPA accepts American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Discover for you to pay our fees. In this form of payment, you can pay NLPA’s fee so that we can complete all of the necessary research and spread out your payments to the credit card company in whatever way makes the most sense for you. If you are interested in paying by credit card, a credit card authorization form is included with this information.
  3. NLPA Finance Plan – For cases where our research does not need to be completed immediately, NLPA does have available an installment payment plan. Under the provisions of our installment payment plan, after you pay the initial retainer amount (which must be at least $1,000), the balance of our research fee can be spread over a number of months and paid on a monthly basis. Please know that this form of payment is not considered to be a loan. Under the terms of the installment payment plan, NLPA will prepare research for your attorney to the extent of the payments that we receive. Because of the short turn-around time required for pre-trial and pre-sentencing research, the installment plan is not available for those services. However, for some appeals and post-conviction motions, assuming that NLPA is retained far enough in advance of the filing deadline to be able to spread out the payments, we can generally spread out the payments over a period of ten (10) months. There is no interest charge on the outstanding balance of our fee under the payment plan. If you elect to pursue the payment plan, please keep in mind that we can only complete as much research as your payments permit.
  4. NLPA Pre-Authorized Bank Account Debit Program (Check by Phone) – If you desire to have periodic payments debited from your checking account, we can also accommodate this type of financing as well. This type of debit can be done though either a debit card or an authorized draft from your checking account for an additional $15.00 processing fee (check draft only). Please be advised that NLPA does not accept personal checks written for amounts over $500.00 without applying a charge of $15.00 in order to electronically verify the account information. Additionally all personal checks written for amounts under $500.00 will still be held for a minimum of fourteen (14) business days until it has cleared. Therefore if you do not wish to be responsible for this $15.00 fee, we strongly suggest you send payments by means of cashier’s check, money order, credit/debit card or wire transfer. Please make a note of this policy. Any personal checks received by NLPA will only be accepted provided that the check displays the account holder’s name and address. Starter checks will not be accepted.

If you have any other questions regarding our other financing options, please contact our Finance Director at (513)-247-0082.

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