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Dealing with criminal charges or imprisonment are among the most difficult of circumstances, but National Legal Professional Associates (NLPA) can help you or your loved one fight back.

We provide legal advice to assist your defense team in a wide variety of areas. From pretrial to post-conviction relief, our team of established and well-respected legal consultants offers many years of experience to help you win.

Our legal consulting services are available to solo law practices, large law firms, or firms who are temporarily short-staffed. We can reduce your workload by assisting with case review, meeting deadlines, and a host of legal research services. For instance, NLPA offers research services to help overturn wrongful convictions during trials, while also offering assistance to the imprisoned regarding a prison transfer, which can be requested for a number of reasons.

With more than 25 years of experience of assisting defendants through their lawyers, we bring the expertise that helps balance the power of the government. NLPA’s network includes former government agents, jury selection advisors, expert witnesses, former DEA and Secret Service agents, and criminal defense attorneys that can help you win appeals, lessen sentencing, and provide technical consultation to your counsel. We also have a great deal of knowledge about immigration law and the deportation process, allowing us to offer immigration assistance to any of our clients that need it.

We can assist with criminal and civil cases with a legal research services team that is prepared for any eventuality. At National Legal Professional Associates, help is just a phone call away. Contact us to learn more about our legal services today.

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just wanted to say thank you for what you guys are doing on Andrew case I know there will be some relief we are keeping the faith and trusting GOD have a great weekend. Andrew says thank you as well.

Mr. Oliver | contacted us is he a lawyer your office uses?

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