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Post-Conviction Relief

Dealing with criminal charges or imprisonment are among the most difficult of circumstances, but National Legal Professional Associates (NLPA) can help you or your loved one fight back.

We provide legal advice to assist your defense team in a wide variety of areas. From pretrial to post-conviction relief, our team of established and well-respected legal consultants offers many years of experience to help you win.

Our legal consulting services are available to solo law practices, large law firms, or firms who are temporarily short-staffed. We can reduce your workload by assisting with case review, meeting deadlines, and a host of legal research services. For instance, NLPA offers research services to help overturn wrongful convictions during trials, while also offering assistance to the imprisoned regarding a prison transfer, which can be requested for a number of reasons.

What is post-conviction relief?

In a criminal case, after the judge has made a decision, relief is available to the accused to raise more issues and bring in new evidence, this is called post-conviction relief. With valid grounds, this is a legal process that may be an option to the accused after the post-trial. Looking for the concerns to raise valid grounds might be critical, the outcome is also dependent on this, a competent lawyer must be with the defendant.

Post-conviction relief usually happens if the defendant lost the appeal. This is not in the appeals court; the filing is in the trial court. If the post-conviction relief did well, the defendant will be able to have a new trial. And a new trial means a new chance to fight for the case and modification of the sentence. Applying for post-conviction relief is very crucial, the defendant must have a qualified and experienced lawyer to have a good outcome. NLPA has been assisting defendants for 25 years. With our accomplished legal professionals, we can help you fight for your case or your loved one’s case.

The post-conviction relief is a defendant’s last chance to challenge a conviction. NLPA can help in showing that a defendant’s trial is unfair and unjust and that a new trial is needed. NLPA will help you raise the issues that needed to be addressed and present new evidence that will lead to a new trial. Since a post-conviction relief is a final chance, this must be handled properly by expert legal professionals specializing in such assistance. NLPA understands that it is the defendant’s life, family and future is in the line, our team of legal professionals will do their very best to fight and win the case for you. We have a team of experienced professionals who have helped and assisted numerous defendants.

Post-conviction relief with NLPA

With more than 25 years of experience of assisting defendants through their lawyers, we bring the expertise that helps balance the power of the government. NLPA’s network includes former government agents, jury selection advisors, expert witnesses, former DEA and Secret Service agents, and criminal defense attorneys that can help you win appeals, lessen sentencing, and provide technical consultation to your counsel. We also have a great deal of knowledge about immigration law and the deportation process, allowing us to offer immigration assistance to any of our clients that need it.

Dealing with criminal charges is no joke, it may be a life-changing and traumatizing event in a person’s life. Every case is different, facing different circumstances, pieces of evidence, a judge, and a jury. That is why NLPA is here for you or your loved one. We understand how this is hard for the defendant and we make sure we try to do our best to make the process less stressful with our accomplished legal team. We understand the criminal process, and the worst-case scenario-- if the defendant loses during the trial, NLPA is ready to fight and research everything for post-conviction relief.

NLPA has been aiding defendants over the years with the right and proven strategies in the criminal process, we do not stop until we exhaust every option we have for the defendant. All the processes are stressful, and it seems like many are beyond your control, however, with NLPA, we will do our best to manage everything that will make things less stressful for the defendant. NLPA has skillful legal professionals that are accustomed to different criminal charges and criminal processes.

Keep in mind that choosing an attorney or a legal team to help you with your case is very important. Your case, your life, your future is in their hands-- thus, choose the best. Think of how you want your case to end, or if you already lost the trial, think of what you want after the post-conviction relief. The relationship of the defendant to his or her attorney is essential to the process, so choose a legal professional who is effective for you.

We are confident to say that you choose NLPA, with our 25 years of experience, we have assisted numerous defendants; we have experienced, competent, and skillful legal professionals to put on the table. If you are a lawyer fighting for a defendant that has lost a trial or any stage of the criminal process, we are here to aid you with research. Tell us your situation, so we know how to help you in the difficult and critical times of the case. We will try toaverta possible option we can find to help you and the defendant.

You should establish a relationship with a legal team that understands you and will be there for you every time you need them. If you are an accomplished lawyer, you have indeed many clients coming to you for consultations, litigation, and representation. You, as an attorney, will need a team of legal professionals with practical and good research experiences that is why you have NLPA. You can count on us even during the most critical times of the criminal processes. As a respected lawyer, choose a team that will not embarrass you in front of the court and your clients. Our 25 years of experience speak enough that we will not leave you hanging.

NLPA does high-quality research for attorneys and their clients in any phase of the criminal process. Over the past two decades, our research results are unparalleled. Because of that, our clients have been with us for a long time and we are continuing to aid more. Our team of legal professionals is well-versed in the legal processes, thus, giving you the research that you need for your client.

Things to consider and why NLPA

Defined roles. Each member of the NLPA team has a defined role. This is done to make sure they are fit for what they do and they know what they are doing. Each one is accountable for a task they specialize in.

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Every second count. You must have a clear view of what you want to happen to your client’s case, it is also essential that you know your options in every scenario that may happen. That is something that we can help you and your client with. Whether it be during the trial or the trial is done already and the defendant lost. We can assist you with appeals or post-conviction relief

Let us maximize our options and do every possible option that we have for the defendant. Let us assist you to make things faster and easier. What is at stake in your cases are life-altering, let us work together to meet justice for every client. Let us not let innocent people be condemned with an unjust sentence. If a post-conviction relief is successful, a new trial is waiting; and a new trial is a new hope towards a better outcome. Let us change lives, alter futures, and make them brighter. Let us fight with you. We are always ready. If you are a defendant seeking a legal team, we are here for you as long as your legal counsel is willing to work with us.

NLPA will be there with you to aid you in what you need for your cases. To know what we have been doing, you can check what our clients say about us on the testimonial page. We are proving the best services, and if you have an NLPA team, you can sit back and lessen your stress and worry about your criminal charges.

We can assist with criminal and civil cases with a legal research services team that is prepared for any eventuality. At National Legal Professional Associates, help is just a phone call away. Contact us to learn more about our legal services today.

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After 3 years of service from NLPA I have to say thanks for everything. You have been with me all the way with your continual status updates as well as helpful printouts of case law and other research information. Literally, without your services I would have been blind to many issues in the system. One of the very best expenditures we ever made was to retain NLPA because the cost was insignificant in comparison to the continued support over the past three horrible years! Thank you all!

M. Cooper, KS

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