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Sentencing Assistance

If you are preparing for sentencing in your case, NLPA can provide assistance in a variety of ways. We have an extensive background in a wide range of cases whether drugs, fraud, conspiracies, etc., and can assist in all state and federal cases, as well as in state and federal sentence reduction.

Preliminary Sentencing Assistance (PSA)

NLPA’s PSA service is a subscription to information involving things such as:

  • How to fight sentencing enhancements;
  • Downward departures that can be used to help receive a prison sentence reduction;
  • Alternative sentencing programs that could be used by the court to help a defendant get home sooner;
  • Techniques for modifying the Pre-sentence Investigation (PSI) Report to make sure a sentence is based upon only accurate information and the procedural requirements of Rule 32 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedures as they relate to sentencing;
  • Periodic docket sheet updates from the court as to activities taking place in your case.
  • Please note: under this level of assistance NLPA is prohibited from providing research assistance or advice directly to the defendant regarding your case. But with the expressed authorization of your attorney NLPA will provide you with copies of the research that we provide to counsel. In the absence of your attorney’s authorization, subscription to NLPA’s PSA can provide you and your family with docket entries in your case and publications concerning the above related matters. If your attorney does express willingness to work with NLPA, we can then offer our Full Sentencing Assistance service for an additional fee.

Full Sentencing Assistance (FSA)

Our Full Sentencing Service involves having our researchers work hand-in-hand with your attorney. In this capacity NLPA would assist counsel in the preparation of:

  • Objections / Motion to Correction the Pre-Sentence Investigation (PSI) Report and Memorandum of Law In Support.

It is oftentimes the government’s practice to insert into the Pre-Sentence Investigation Report (PSI), which is prepared by the United States Probation Office, extremely derogatory information concerning the alleged activities of the defendant. If this information is not corrected by counsel prior to sentencing, it could result in a significantly enhanced sentence being imposed by the court, as the sentencing guideline score is based upon many of the allegations contained in the PSI. Rule 32 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure lays out the specific requirements that must be followed procedurally by counsel if the defendant controverts statements contained in the Pre-Sentence Investigation Report which may be relied upon by the court in imposing sentence. NLPA could assist your attorney in the preparation objections to this report and, if necessary, a motion to correct this report.

One additional important aspect of the necessity to file a motion to “clean up” the Pre-Sentence Investigation Report is that by filing such a motion, a defendant makes a record in the trial court of the objections which that have been raised to the information which is being utilized by the court to impose a sentence.

  • A Detailed Sentencing Memorandum. The sentencing memorandum helps to explain to the Judge all of the additional reasons why the sentence should be lower than what the PSI recommends and would address downward departure issues, mitigating information and alternative sentencing programs and designation requests that can be utilized by the court to grant a lower sentence than is being requested by the prosecutor. NLPA can also assist counsel in making a formal request to the court for specific designation to a facility near your family to serve any sentence ultimately imposed.
  • There are over 100 downward departure provisions that the judge could use to help a defendant receive a lower sentence. Of course, not all of these apply to every case. However, obviously the judge will not be the person “burning the midnight oil” the night before sentencing trying to come up with ways of giving a defendant a lower sentence than the prosecution is requesting. That is the defense’s job and an area where NLPA can assist your attorney.

Institutional Destination

An additional service NLPA can provide involves making written requests to the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) Designation Office to encourage them to assign a defendant to the best possible facility to serve his term of incarceration. There are BOP facilities scattered across the country and a federal defendant could be designated to any of these facilities, even if his case originates from or his family is located in a place much farther away.

If you’re preparing for sentencing in a criminal case, the last thing you need on your plate is the added stress paying for your legal team. NLPA also offers competitive pricing for our sentencing services as well as a number of different financing options and payment plans.

The bottom line is that whether your sentencing will be held in state or federal court and no matter what you are charged with – if you need assistance, NLPA is here to help. For more information about how we can assist, contact us today for more information. Whether you need help from our post conviction specialists, or assistance writing a letter to appeal charges, we’re here for you.

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