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COVID-19 Flyer, COVID Successful Cases

NLPA is writing to help save the health and possibly the life of your loved one from becoming a victim of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). With the rapid spreading of COVID-19 through the prison system, we want to offer another remedy. This not only will help reduce the time which your loved one must serve in prison, but also protect him from falling victim to COVID-19 as it spreads through the prisons.

Enclosed is COVID-19 information complied by NLPA. It outlines how, by the preparation and filing of a proper motion, courts everywhere have already ordered the transfer of hundreds of inmates to Community Treatment Centers, House Arrest—and in some cases ordered an immediate release until the pandemic is ended. It is clear the conditions in the jails and prisons are such that it is impossible for the Department of Corrections to practice “social distancing” and proper hygiene.

Do something now to protect your loved one at this critical, dangerous time. Thousands of inmates have been released from prisons and jails throughout the US. Contact NLPA immediately before it is too late.

Sincerely yours,

National Legal Professional Associates (NLPA)


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