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Thank you for submitting your request for a free consultation. Please see below for important information.

There are certain Counties we cannot work in, located with the Sothern District of Illinois – unless retained by licensed attorney:

Alexander, Bond, Calhoun, Clark, Clay, Clinton, Crawford, Cumberland, Edwards, Effingham, Fayette, Franklin, Gallatin, Hamilton, Hardin, Jackson, Jasper, Jefferson, Jersey, Johnson, Lawrence, Madison, Marion, Massac, Monroe, Perry, Pope, Pulaski, Randolph, Richland, Saline, St. Clair, Union, Wabash, Washington, Wayne, White, and Williamson.

Thank you for considering the possibility of National Legal Professional Associates assisting your counsel with respect to your case. NLPA works with inmates on a direct basis in areas that do not involve the practice of law, such as assistance with parole, institutional transfers, prison disciplinary matters,etc. NLPA also provides technical consulting assistance to legal counsel licensed in the jurisdiction in which your case arose with respect to any pre-indictment, pre-trial, presentencing or post-conviction matters which involve the filing of pleadings in court, such as pre-trial motions, motions to dismiss indictments, motions to correct Pre-sentence Investigation Reports, appeals, motions for modification of sentence, habeas corpus matters, etc. NLPA does not represent itself to be a law firm. Therefore, in areas that involve the practice of law, NLPA’s services are only provided to licensed legal counsel who request our assistance.

We would be very happy to provide research and consulting assistance to your attorney in your case. However, in order for us to do so we must be contacted by your lawyer and he or she must verify to us that he or she is willing to have NLPA provide research assistance to him or her. Therefore, if you are interested in having NLPA assist your lawyer, please have him contact us in order that we can discuss with him the services which we are in a position to provide. It will be your lawyer’s decision whether to request our services.


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