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Post Conviction Relief and Sentence Reduction
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Prison Sentence Reduction

Sentencing comes after conviction and for most that find themselves facing this process, the usual feeling is one of resignation. Since guilt seems to have been proven beyond a reasonable doubt, there is a tendency to simply sit and accept whatever follows. After all, there’s nothing you can do.

However, that is almost always wrong. Like conviction, sentencing is only one of the several phases that a criminal trial goes through and contrary to what most think, a lot can still happen after sentencing and during appeals.

With specialist support, it is still possible for defendants to find a positive conclusion to their case, despite the odds stacked against them. It is still possible for prison sentences to be reduced and alternative (more favorable) sentencing to be sought.

With the right support, an unfavorable trial can be turned around at the last instant and transformed into an almost miraculous win. This is the support that National Legal Professional Associates (NLPA) provides to its clients.

At NLPA, have a deep understanding of the principles and rules that guide sentencing in the US. For more than 25 years, we have been putting this knowledge to work on behalf of defendants all over the country and in that time, we have helped hundreds secure better outcomes.

We believe no case is truly over until all possible alternatives have been exhausted, and no one is better than us at finding the trump card that makes the difference.

Sentencing rules in the US

The US has an extensive body of principles, statutes and rules that guide sentencing for criminal offenses. Once a crime has been proved, the next question that the court must determine is what sentence the law prescribes for the offense.

Although this may seem straightforward, it can be very complicated, more often than not. The sentencing rules usually contain recommendations for a wide variety of important factors including:

  • Sentencing ranges, which determine the maximum and minimum punishments that can be imposed for a crime;
  • Sentencing enhancements, which describe circumstances in which a greater punishment than ordinarily prescribed can be imposed;
  • Mandatory sentences, in regard to which the court is expected to impose the prescribed punishment without exercise of discretion; and
  • Mitigating factors, which are vital facts and circumstances that operate in favor of the defendant and may result in a reduced sentence.

The rules will also include the possibilities for alternative sentencing including community service, probation and incarceration in specific facilities. These rules are often spread over a variety of statutes such that it will often take a monumental effort to find and exploit all the rules that may be favorable to a defendant.

In our experience, if sentencing is allowed to go without much input from the defendant or defense team, nothing can stop the worst from happening. The prosecution will, by default, ask the court for the harshest punishment possible and this may see the defendant spend years or even their whole life in prison.

But that will always be a mistake. We have made it our business to thoroughly understand how the sentencing rules apply in any given case. With our quality legal research assistance, we have helped defendants in even the most unfavorable circumstances access reduced sentences and more favorable disposition.

We can get the law to work for you

NLPA has earned a reputation for helping its clients obtain successful outcomes. We have a solid track record of helping defendants find the best possible results, through their attorneys. This is why we are universally regarded as one of the best legal research teams available.

With our knowledge and expertise, you can quite rightly say we know exactly how to help you find a positive outcome. Although no one can guarantee success in every case, we can guarantee that you will have the best and most experienced lawyers working on your behalf.

Our track record speaks for itself as we have assisted hundreds of clients at the pre-trial, trial and post-conviction stages. We keenly understand the principle, statutes and rules that underpin the US sentencing guidelines, and we can put this deep expertise to work for you. Our services include:

  • Preliminary sentencing assistance: We can provide defendants and their attorneys with information on how to fight enhancements. Many Pre-Sentence Investigation (PSI) reports include information that is derogatory and detrimental to the defendant. We can provide techniques to ensure the sentence is based only on accurate information. We know what downward departures can best suit a defendant’s case and how to persuade the court to let the defendant go home sooner.
  • Full sentencing assistance: Under this service, our researchers work to prepare thoroughly researched objections and motions to correct the PSI and Memorandum of Law in support. Wrongful information in the PSI can be extremely detrimental to the defendant. We understand how to deal with this and can work together with defense counsel to persuade the court to dismiss offending information.
  • Institutional destination: We can assist in making written requests to the Bureau of Prisons to consider alternative disposition of the defendant. There are a wide variety of institutions where a defendant may be incarcerated. We can help in petitioning for the best possible facility where the defendant can serve his term of incarceration.

Our track record speaks for us

We have worked with defendants and their counsel from all over the US. All through these engagements, we have earned a reputation as a legal research firm that helps its clients obtain positive results.

When defendants and their counsel approach us to provide assistance, they do so with the confidence that we will provide valuable help. Take a look at what our clients have said about us. Here are some of the results that we have secured:

  • US v Addison: Defendant was recommended for life imprisonment. After we got involved, we were able to assist in getting the sentence reduced to 260 months in jail.
  • US v Alexis: The defendant was recommended for between 360 months to life imprisonment in the PSI. We assisted in getting this reduced to 260 months, saving 15 years of the defendant’s life.
  • US v Armstrong: The defendant was recommended for 96 months in jail. Through our intervention, this was reduced to 63 months, saving 3 years of the defendant’s life.
  • US v Bekic: He was recommended for 180 months in jail. We were able to assist in reducing this to 60 months, saving 10 years of the defendant’s life.
  • US v Bellamy: The defendant was recommended for a jail term between 240-262 months in the PSI. We intervened and assisted to reduce this to 108, saving 11 years of the defendant’s life.

These results show only a bare fraction of the consistent results we provide our clients. You can check here to see our track record in several other cases over our 25-year experience.

Contact us today

If you are preparing for a sentencing in a criminal case, avail yourself of this opportunity and contact us right away. No matter where your sentencing will be held, and regardless of what you are charged with, we can help.

Reach out to us today and let us put our deep expertise and knowledge of the US sentencing rules to work for you. For more information about how we can help, contact us today.


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