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Post Conviction Relief and Sentence Reduction
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NLPA Makes a Discovery that Leads to Overturning a Wrongful Conviction

National Legal Professional Associates (NLPA) successfully contributed to the appeal of a case where a man was wrongfully convicted of second-degree murder. In some areas and states, a conviction of this degree can result in a lifelong prison sentence for the guilty party.

Missing Key Evidence Results in a Wrongful Conviction

Despite having a strong alibi, the defendant’s defense attorney failed to interview a key witness who could have proven the accused's innocence. This oversight contributed to the wrongful conviction of second-degree murder. Unfortunately, there are many cases similar to this case, where defense lawyers make mistakes, like overlooking evidence or neglecting to interview key witnesses who could prove their client’s innocence.

In some situations, defense attorneys skip over pieces of potential evidence that could prove their client’s actions were not as severe as the alleged charges. These errors make it easier for prosecuting attorneys to pursue convictions, and sometimes, those convictions are wrongful. When the court does not have the correct or necessary information, accused parties often face harsher consequences or longer sentences than they deserve. In this particular case, the oversight of his defense attorney contributed to the defendant’s improper conviction of a felony murder charge.

NLPA's Case Analysis Uncovered a Legal Oversight

As an advocacy organization dedicated to legal justice, NLPA conducts thorough analyses of both criminal and civil case details to serve as an informational resource for defense attorneys representing clients in appeals cases. NLPA reviewed the details of the case and identified that an essential piece of information — the alibi witness testimony proving the defendant’s innocence — was omitted from the original presentation to the court. This oversight had significant consequences.

A Successful Appeal

The information that NLPA discovered about the missing alibi witness’s testimony contributed to the successful appeal of Mr. Smith’s case. The appellate court later determined that Mr. Smith was wrongfully convicted of murder in the second degree because he had an alibi to prove his innocence that was not presented to the court in his initial hearing.

Assistance in Appealing Wrongful Convictions and Reducing Unfair Sentences

If you believe a loved one has been wrongfully convicted of a crime or received an unfair sentence, NLPA may be able to assist. NLPA provides research and consulting resources for over 1,000 attorneys nationwide.

Our support for legal professionals includes but is not limited to:

  • Overturning wrongful convictions
  • Post-conviction research (and consulting)
  • Post-conviction case evaluation
  • Sentence reduction research (and consulting)

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