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blackmanbehindbarsIf you are going through the stress and heartache of having a loved one facing criminal
charges or is currently locked up, the good news is you have found National Legal
Professional Associates (NLPA).

NLPA is the right team to help you and your love one.
We believe everyone should have quality representation and the best team to help defend the charges pending against them or fight for a lower sentence to get home sooner.

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For the past 29 years, NLPA has helped people. This is what we can do to help your loved one.

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NLPA has a finance plan that does not require good credit.

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1. Defending charges at trial. Click here;
2. Plea negotiations/discussions. Click here;
3. Sentencing – getting the lowest sentence possible. Click here;
4. Filing an appeal. Click here;
5. Filing a motion to lower your sentence. Click here;AskForHelp
6. Case evaluation to look into how to get a lower sentence or throw out a conviction Click here; ;
7. Restitution (a sum of money paid in compensation). Click here;
8. Transfer – moved to another prison or transferred back to the defendant’s home
country. Click here;
9. Subscription services to get information about how to fight your case Click here;
10. How to get proper medical care while in prison. Click here;
11. Compassionate Release to take care of an extremely ill family member. Click here;
12. Work Release/Halfway House placement. Click here;
13. How to get investigators and forensic experts (DNA, ballistics, fingerprint and new
evidence). Click here;

Do not wait another day to contact us to talk about how we can help you and your loved
one. We can help the attorney you already have or arrange for new counsel.


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