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Post-Conviction Assistance

NLPA Provides Legal and Case Research Surrounding Post Conviction Relief in State and Federal Cases

Post-Conviction Relief Motions are critical avenues to present new information or information that was not able to be presented on appeal. Researching a case to identify each of these potential issues requires a significant amount of time and experience and can make or break your attempt to receive relief in your case. NLPA’s researchers work through each case with a “fine-toothed comb” to review every possible avenue for counsel that can be used in pursuing relief in the case, making us one of the best legal research services available.

Our researchers can assist counsel in preparing a thoroughly researched motion to pursue relief in your case. Our post-conviction relief legal research service includes not only the preparation of the opening motion for counsel, but also preparing any replies to the government’s opposition. In addition, our researchers will also prepare objections to reports and recommendation, and if necessary, assisting counsel to prepare for evidentiary hearings.

State and Federal post-conviction motions vary in deadlines and NLPA is well-versed in all jurisdictions. If you’re not sure of the avenue to pursue in your post-conviction case, NLPA also offers case evaluation services through licensed counsel in our legal research online. A detailed case analysis will help to identify not only the issues that may be available for use in a post-conviction relief motion, but also any specific deadlines that exist and what particular motion is the recommended avenue of relief in each case. NLPA can prepare this case evaluation for counsel licensed in your jurisdiction to receive and review with you. Plus, if you elect to have NLPA assist counsel with implementing that post-conviction relief plan in your case, the fee for the evaluation is applied as a credit toward that cost. Therefore, you’re not “out” anything by having the evaluation prepared first but will be able to review with counsel first what options and issues are available in the case.

If you do not currently have counsel in place for your post-conviction relief plan, NLPA is happy to provide you with a list of attorneys we have assisted over the years in virtually every jurisdiction who could serve as your new counsel. Most of these attorneys will also reduce their normal fees significantly if NLPA will be providing assistance to them in this matter. So by choosing NLPA, you can form your defense team and save money at the same time.

When NLPA is assisting your attorney with legal research online, you can rest assured that we will work hard for your case and do everything possible to help your attorney in your pursuit of relief. Many times post-conviction motions have specific filing deadlines. Therefore, time is of the essence.

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