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Deportation Assitance

Are You Facing Deportation?

April 24, 1996, the Anti-Terrorism Bill was signed into law. One of the positive provisions of this bill is that it established for the first time a procedure that enables a foreign national who is serving a term of confinement to be able to be deported to his home country prior to the completion of his sentence of imprisonment.

There are specific procedures involved with applying to the Justice Department as well as your home country for the processing of the application for deportation. NLPA has great expertise in this area and can assist counsel in the preparation of the documentation that needs to be submitted to the Justice Department as well as your home country.

NLPA can assist your counsel in pursuing an early deportation to your home country including not only the application pursuant to the revised provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act but also an application for your early deportation pursuant to the Transfer Treaty with your country.

If you are a foreign national of another country but are serving time in the U.S. prison system, NLPA can assist your counsel in pursuing a transfer to your home country – even prior to the completion of your sentence.

Countries that have Treaties with the U.S.

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